How a Simple Addition to the Product Page Boosted Revenues

The Client

Online House Plans Site

This online house plans eCommerce site is a leader in the direct-to-consumer (D2C) house plans market.
Heatmaps, User Testing
Case Study Published
December 2, 2022

The Client

The test ran in January 2022. 

This online house plans eCommerce site is a leader in the direct-to-consumer (D2C) house plans market.  They hired ConversionTeam in 2021 to increase the conversion rate via the Iterate program.

The Business Need

This eCommerce brand gets a tremendous amount of traffic to its product pages from users interested in building their dream home.  Traditionally, the company had 2 sections on the product detail page (PDP), one for elevation images and another one for floor plan images.  

ConversionTeam’s usability, user testing, and heatmap analysis showed an opportunity to get floor plan data above the fold. We proposed a test version to address that.

Product Detail Page

Note: Thumbnails are elevation images only

Product Detail Page


Add floor plan thumbnails to the main product thumbnail image area.

Test Variation

Note: Addition of floor plan elevation



The test version was a strong winner, up 25.1% for transactions at 99% confidence.  Revenue was also up by 18%.  

Based on the test data, the client implemented this change on their PDP.

Overall data 

Overall data

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