CRO A/B Testing Program

The Iterate A/B testing program is our most popular offering. It includes a complete Hitlist Ecommerce CRO Audit along with a high performing continuous A/B testing program.
Who it’s for

Iterate is designed for ecommerce companies that need to improve their conversion rate and revenue. It’s good fit for those that want to:

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Start an A/B Testing Program

... They need a best in class A/B testing solution to stay competitive in their niche or market.
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Revamp an existing program

... Their current testing program is not producing results or is bogged down due to resource constraints.
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Expand an existing program

... They have a successful A/B testing program but want to add turnkey resources to increase velocity.
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Outperform the competition

... CRO is a competitive advantage that is required in competitive markets.
The minimum traffic volume for effective A/B testing is 5,000 users or 50 transactions per month
What it is

Iterate is a monthly program that picks up where the hitlist audit leaves off and includes:


Turn Key testing

3-5 testing cycles created and implemented via our Dev and QA team.


Strategy & Tactics

A 6-month Roadmap prioritized to deliver value quickly.



50-150x ROI measured on a yearly basis, our client retention rate is exceptional.


Feedback loops

Quarterly surveys & executive summaries ensure we are 100% in sync with your goals.
A/B testing program
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How we do it

The Iterate Process

The Iterate program is more than just testing. Learn more below.
  • Hitlist included

    The Iterate program includes everything in the Hitlist Audit.

  • A/B test roadmap

    We use our SCORE criteria to prioritize the test concept backlog in order to ensure we deliver value quickly.

  • Collaborative prioritization

    We then layer on internal priorities, upcoming design changes, and competitive pressures in order to make the roadmap comprehensive.

  • Iterate cycles

    This is where the magic happens! Iterate programs come with 3-5 A/B testing cycles. We will design, dev, QA and monitor the top roadmap A/B tests. For most tests we can do this 100% on our side with none of your dev resources. Our included A/B testing tool saves clients thousands of dollars a month and has no volume or time restrictions.

  • Project management

    We use Clickup for project management, but have plugged directly into client PM tools as well. Slack, email and bi-weekly meetings are the other core components of our PM process.

  • Periodic fresh takes

    Staggered about every 6 months we re-invigorate the program with Analyst peer reviews UX and UI studies User testing refreshes Design refreshes.

  • Analytics projects

    We also provide analytics services as part of the Iterate program and often provide tagging, analytics consulting and reporting services.

  • CRO advisor services

    With our close collaboration across many clients, we are in a good position to offer real world advice on the myriad CRO vendors and SAAS providers out there, and are happy to use our experience and expertise to vet potential partners. Virtual implementation services Some of our clients find our ability to quickly create front end website changes valuable - even outside of the A/B testing world and we provide this as bonus to our clients.

  • Quarterly Reviews

    We prepare an executive summary every quarter based on our progress reports where we track all our tests and implementation efforts in order to look back at the last quarter and revisit the roadmap for the next.

  • Quarterly Surveys

    To make sure we are delivering industry leading value to our clients, and to adjust if we are missing the mark.


Are we a good fit?

Our prospective clients often have questions around which line of service would be best for their unique situation. We encourage you to get in touch to discuss this, and to see some actual CRO recommendations for your site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about CRO and A/B testing below.

What is CRO testing?

Conversion rate optimization testing involves experiments aimed at determining what website changes will lead to more conversions. It is a customer experience research methodology that can provide valuable insights to a business on user behavior in addition to improving profitability. An example of a CRO test is an experiment that involves presenting different versions of a webpage - one with a call to action at the top of the landing page, another one with the CTA at the bottom - to users and seeing which leads visitors to convert more.

After running tests, CRO experts will analyze the results and provide recommendations based on A/B tests that show statistical significance. These tests can provide a data-driven approach to impactful website optimizations.

What are the different types of CRO tests?

There are different types of CRO tests, but the most common ones are A/B testing and multivariate testing (MVT). A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a randomized experiment in which two variants are presented to see which one appeals more to website visitors. Multivariate testing, on the other hand, involves the testing of multiple variants at once, as part of a controlled experiment.

What is the difference between CRO and A/B testing?

A/B testing is a technique that is used within the process of conversion rate optimization. While it is an important component, there are many other components of a CRO program, from target audience research to heatmaps and more.

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