Ecommerce CRO Audit

The Hitlist Conversion Rate Optimization audit is a 60-90 page document containing specific and actionable site updates that will improve your conversion rate. It's informed by qualitative and quantitative data gleaned from primary research and our analysts' vast experience. Read on for more info.
Who it’s for

From start ups (with wireframes) to established ecommerce leaders, our Hitlist clients come to us when they need:

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To increase conversion rates

... or in situations where conversion rate seems low relative to the industry.
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A CRO focused design review

... to inform a planned redesign, or to review a current design project.
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To implement best practices

... when there is no time or resource for A/B testing.
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To lower CPA

... on competitive keywords.
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A fresh set of eyes

... for new prospectives and to re-imagine complicated flows.
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To grab low hanging fruit

... when they have lots of great ideas, but need help prioritizing them.
What it is

The Hitlist is a 60-90 page document that is:


Specific and actionable

Our recommendations are specific and include detailed implementation instructions.


Based on actual results

We have run over 3,000 A/B tests and don't need to guess what optimizations work and which don't.



We cover all major page templates, as well as your traffic sources, user engagement, and analytics.


Proven and Effective

Hitlist recommendations when implemented have increased site conversion rate 10-30%.
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How we do it

Hitlist Audit Process

Behind the Hitlist is a highly structured process involving Analytics, User testing and UX subject matter experts. Our secret sauce, however, is our CRO Analysts' broad and deep experience, which allows them to prioritize the most impactful site updates.
  • Intake

    Discuss competitive advantages, social proof assets, in depth goal review

  • Kickoff meeting

    Review intake and identify CRO opportunities for later investigation

  • Analytics audit

    Fix common issues like url pollution, missing goals, badly formed goals, fix & update funnels, update site search, add other business critical tagging

  • Poll

    The best poll question ever: What's the one thing that almost stopped you from purchasing today?

  • User testing

    We give users a scenario on your site, then have them complete the same scenario on a competitor site

  • Heatmaps & session recording

    Many benefits, including a better approach to complicated path analysis in analytics

  • Competitive analysis

    If your competitors have better UX than you, use theirs as a starting point

  • Hitlist

    60-90 pages of actionable CRO goodness

  • Hitlist reviews

    We will review your implementation of the hitlist and/or work with your devs to achieve the CRO goals in the audit.

Next steps

Are we a good fit?

Our prospective clients often have questions around which line of service would be best for their unique situation. We encourage you to get in touch to discuss this, and to see some actual CRO recommendations for your site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about CRO and A/B testing below.

What is a CRO audit?

A CRO audit, also known as a conversion audit, is an in-depth review and evaluation of a website’s customer journey and user experience. The goal is to identify any barriers to conversion on the site as well as any opportunities to optimize the conversion funnel. Barriers can include functionality or usability issues whereas opportunities can include things like adding call to action / CTA buttons to the top of landing pages or adding trust signals throughout the site.

For an eCommerce site, this type of audit often includes an assessment of the entire purchase process, from the category and product pages through to ‘add to cart’ and the checkout process.

What are the benefits of a CRO audit?

CRO audits, and the implementation of their results, can have a direct impact on a business’s bottom line. Specific benefits can include:

  • Better understanding of website visitors and demographics
  • Decreases in bounce rate
  • Increases in desired user behavior (conversions)
  • Improvements in the value of website traffic
  • Increases in the return on other digital marketing campaigns

What is the cost of a CRO audit?

On average, an audit conducted by a CRO expert can cost between $1 ,500 and $10,000 depending on the scope.

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