CRO QA Analyst

Job purpose

We’re looking for a full-time CRO QA Analyst to execute development for our clients by understanding recommendations made by Conversion Team advisors and communicating specs and requirements to developers. 

You will ensure all released code is bug free, with all KPIs tracked in analytics. You will be working with our team of CRO and you will be mentored to become an eCommerce expert who is capable of guiding eCommerce sites towards more revenue, decreased costs, and increased customer loyalty.

This is a remote position.

Duties and responsibilities

The primary job duties of the CRO QA Analyst are:


  • Take fully formed recommendations from Conversion Team advisors and work with developers and clients to build to specifications. 
  • Manage test development queue, monitor and respond to developer questions, and clarify issues
  • Perform QA of projects delivered by developers, checking against the project specs to ensure the project will meet the stated goals and without causing unexpected problems.
  • Verify all KPIs are tracked correctly in analytics to ensure accurate measurement of impact.

Data Collection

  • Handle data collection to support the recommendations by setting up heatmaps or running polls and surveys.
  • Ensure all tools are properly installed via GTM at the beginning of each new client engagement.

Process & Procedural Improvement

  • Suggest and help implement team and company process and procedural improvements to improve client services and company effectiveness and efficiencies. 


  • Experience with writing technical requirements for a development team
  • Highly detail-oriented
  • Ability to multitask and stay organized under pressure.
  • Excellent communicator and team player.

Work Breakdown

60%  - Development Management Work   (24 hours weekly)

  • Working with devs to implement recommendations
  • QA tests to ensure development matches requirements and all KPIs are properly tracked
  • Coordinate QA and test approval with clients

20% - Data Collection Setup (4 hours weekly)

  • Ensure all tools are properly installed at the start of new engagements 
  • Set up basic collection of data in tools like Hotjar

20% - Internal Tasks, Meetings & Training (8 hours weekly)

  • Company, team meetings
  • Meetings to solve problems, to improve processes 
  • Training

Emails & task follow-ups.

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Employment Type
Minimum Experience
2 Years
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