Client Engagement: Improved Navigation Grows Revenues by $4M

The Client

Leading eCommerce site for Medical Supplies & Equipment

The e-commerce company specializes in medical supplies. Since 2000, it has provided 100,000+ medical supplies to 2.5 million customers. 
Case Study Published
June 13, 2023

The Client

The client is an e-commerce company that specializes in medical supplies. Founded in January 2000, it provides quality medical supplies and health and wellness products to healthcare facilities, medical professionals, consumers, hospitals, government agencies, and businesses. 

It supplies over 100,000 products and has served more than 2.5 million customers. 

The Business Need

The company was looking to optimize its website’s conversion rate, so it sought out ConversionTeam to provide testing and strategies, as well as continuously improve its efforts. 


ConversionTeam specializes in optimizing the conversion experience on our website. They make it easier for our customers to find our products, so they can easily navigate to the checkout page.

As the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the medical supply company explains, “We have bi-weekly calls where we set up tests and strategize on personalized ways to achieve our goals. We then review the tests every two weeks and implement them into the conversion flow.”

2022 Results

The client replatformed in the middle of the year but ConversionTeam still managed to deliver outstanding results, improving their revenue and user engagement. 

“ConversionTeam has had a significant impact on the conversion rate of our website — we’ve had a good uplift with them, especially with the increase in revenue,” the CTO remarks. 

Conversion Rate Increase

Over 2022, the client’s site conversion rate increased by 14.3%. Additionally, they were able to achieve an excellent 64% A/B Test win rate. 

“ConversionTeam has had a significant impact on the conversion rate of our website — we’ve had a good uplift with them, especially with the increase in revenue,” said the CTO. 

Return on Investment

The program achieved a 60x ROI, an estimated $4MM lift in revenue and all stakeholders were pleased with the results.


The partnership has been successful and the client has renewed for another year.

The CTO added, “We’re impressed with ConversionTeam’s personalized approach to the project, and deep understanding of our needs. They openly strategize about our pain points, which helps us garner better results.”


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