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The Client

Online House Plans Site

This house plan eCommerce site sells high-quality blueprints for homes to both consumers and builders.
User Testing
Case Study Published
June 13, 2023

The Client

This house plan eCommerce site sells high-quality blueprints for homes to both consumers and builders. Founded over 35 years ago, they have sold more than 20,000 house plans designed by hundreds of their partner designers and architects. 

The Business Need

The client is constantly looking for ways to optimize its customer experience and increase revenues and AOV.


ConversionTeam provides a monthly A/B testing program including analysis, recommendations, development, and QA.

2022 Results

Conversion Rate Increase

The A/B tests conducted in 2022 have all been successful and have contributed to a 20% increase in conversion rate.

“Working through tests with ConversionTeam has been great. We value our relationship with the team, and I don’t have any plans to change it any time soon,” -Client Director of eCommerce.

Annual Revenue Impact

Due to the increase in conversion rate, we estimate a revenue improvement of $6.5M. This is a 99X ROI from our monthly program. 


The client is happy with ConversionTeam’s work and values their relationship with the team. ConversionTeam’s project management skills are top-notch and the site’s improvements have been welcomed.  

“The most notable thing about ConversionTeam is their knowledge base and expertise — they’re a pro. We needed a partner to come into our business, understand where we were at, and help us enhance it, and that’s what they’ve done.”


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