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We're constantly working to move the needle for our clients. Collected here are case studies, articles and points of view on CRO strategies and tactics.

Case studies

Leading eCommerce Retailer in the Jewelry Sector

A/B Testing in the Jewelry eCommerce Sector to Improve Revenue and Average Order Value

In this case study, discover how a leading jewelry eCommerce retailer achieved remarkable growth through strategic A/B testing. The study highlights the implementation of various site enhancements and their impact on user experience and revenue. Key outcomes include a significant 24% lift in test conversion rates and an impressive $14 million in incremental revenue. This case exemplifies the power of data-driven, ROI-focused strategies in transforming user interface and user experience for substantial business growth.January 17, 2024Read more
leading house plans ecommerce company
House Plans eCommerce Leader

$5MM Incremental Revenue for Houseplans eCommerce Client

This leading house plans online business taps ConversionTeam to continually improve their customer experience & revenues. June 13, 2023Read more
medical supplies ecommerce company
Leading eCommerce site for Medical Supplies & Equipment

Client Engagement: Improved Navigation Grows Revenues by $4M

An e-commerce company that specializes in medical supplies experienced $4M revenue growth thanks to improved navigation.June 13, 2023Read more
How a Simple Addition to the Product Page Boosted Revenues
Online House Plans Site

How a Simple Addition to the Product Page Boosted Revenues

A leading eCommerce company in the D2C house plans market improved transactions by 25% with 1 change on their product page.December 2, 2022Read more
Medical equipment store
Leading eCommerce site for Medical Supplies & Equipment

Facet & Filter Optimization Drives eCommerce Conversions

This eCommerce leader in medical supplies and equipment achieved a 10% rise in revenues per user with this one change. December 1, 2022Read more
Jewelry TV Shopping Network
Jewelry TV shopping network

Getting More Conversions for a Popular Page

The Client The test ran in March of 2022.  This TV shopping network is a leader in the direct-to-consumer (D2C) jewelry market. It hired ConversionTeam in 2019 to increase the conversion rate via the Iterate Program. The Business Need The client has had success with a 2-level category page approach where there is a portal […]December 1, 2022Read more
car engine image
Car Covers eCommerce Site

An Easy Approach to Attract New Users and More Conversions

The Client This eCommerce site is one of the highest-rated sellers of car covers in North America. Over the years, they have served tens of thousands of happy and satisfied customers with their high-quality and reasonably priced items.  The test ran in July of 2019.  The Business Need The company wanted to hide the unnecessary […]July 1, 2019Read more
cigars image
Cigar eCommerce business

New Sorting Tactic Grows Revenue to 7.1% per Visitor

This American-owned and operated cigar eCommerce business highlighted their brand value to grow revenues by 7.1% per visitor. November 5, 2017Read more
Graduation degree celebration
Online State University

How to Boost Enrollments for Professional and Continuing Education

The Client This online state university offers online educational programs for undergraduate and graduate degrees as well as professional and continuing education certificates.  The Business Need While their online undergraduate and graduate offerings are popular, the client has noticed that not a lot of people are aware that they also offer professional certificates and badges. […]August 19, 2022Read more
Solar energy solutions
Solar Provider

SEO Traffic Converts 167% Better

The Business Need The company was receiving a decent level of Organic Search Traffic from its target states of California and Colorado, but the site was not converting organic traffic into leads. With a new Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program beginning, they recognized the need for the site to be optimized, not only to get […]August 18, 2012Read more
Auto parts
Fortune 1000 Auto Parts eCommerce Site

Auto Parts eCommerce Site Conversion Rate Increases 129%

This Auto Parts eCommerce Site is a Fortune 1000 Company and the nation's largest auto parts recycler with more than 300 facilities in five countries. With the country's largest and best-organized inventory of used auto parts, it offers direct sales of their parts online through their eCommerce store. The Business Need This large company had […]August 18, 2022Read more
Durable office chair glass mats

How Aspiration Messaging Boosts Purchase Conversion Rate

This luxury glass mats brand balanced aspirational & utilitarianism to boost purchase conversions.August 18, 2022Read more
Custom printed labels
Global Label & Sticker Manufacturer

Emphasis on Satisfaction Increase Purchases and Referrals

The Client This client, a global company that serves 40 countries, is an online store of blank and custom-printed labels, stickers, tags, and cards.  The Business Need As a decades-old global company, the client wants to ensure its products are the best on the market. It takes pride in its credibility and the quality of […]August 5, 2016Read more
Degree graduation celebration
Graduation Regalia Brand

Collaboration Enhanced 207% eCommerce Conversion Rate

This graduation regalia site took advantage of its existing resources to get a 207% conversion jump.June 18, 2013Read more
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